Hotmail Login – How to Sign Into Your Hotmail.com Account

October 4, 2013

Once you have created an account for yourself on Hotmail, you can go to the official website to log into your account. You will be glad to know that not much is required when signing in. You will need to begin the sign in procedure by visiting the website first.

hotmail login

There you will see the sign in box where you will need to provide your username and your password. Enter the email address that you have selected for yourself and the password that you have created for your account. After that you can click on Sign In to be directed to your inbox. If you would like to stay signed in 24/7, then you can check the box beneath the Sign In link. If you cannot remember your password, then you can answer the security questions that you selected for yourself during the sign up procedure or have an email sent to your alternative email. When you have been directed to your Inbox, you can look through your email account. Once you have finished, you should make sure that you log out if you share a computer with someone else. Not logging out of your account will provide others with free and instant access to your Hotmail.

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